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Grocers are looking to capitalize on the quickly changing behavior of customers.

"How can you retain as much of a person’s food budget beyond grocery?"

With the advent of ghost kitchens, grocers now have a turnkey model which gives them the ability to tap into a person’s restaurant budget — and at scale — no matter what their food tastes may be.

With a single on-site ghost kitchen, a grocer can bring inhouse as many virtual and nationally recognized restaurant brands as they like.

The dope idea here is to create the ultimate in Grocery + Food Court loyalty card.

Whether you’re dining-in, carrying-out, or getting delivery from the food court — or just plain only buying groceries instead — every purchase now counts against the same loyalty card.

Instead of just having a “Subway Sandwiches loyalty card” that of course only works at Subway Sandwiches — you now have a loyalty card that not only works for all the “Walmart groceries” you’re buying, but also for the 25+ restaurants brands that are now being served out of Walmart’s ghost kitchen.

Loyalty programs work tremendously well for customer retention and AOV for companies with even just a “single” brand.

How much more so would it be if it was 5 or more brands ? 10 more? 25 more?

You get the picture! Now go get some lunch! 😜

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